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bee for planet


As professional beekeepers, together with the bees, we preserve the diversity of species on planet earth. We are an Urban Non-Profit Organization (NPO) created so that our action has an impact for everyone. We strive to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development. We take actions that create value for all. We create tools so that the impact of these actions can be measured. Bees and other pollinators have been alongside humans since the beginning of human history. Without them, life would have disappeared from the planet. The United Nations General Assembly announced in New York in December 2017 that bees have World Bee Day on 20 May.Bees support 170,000 species of plants that support 200,000 species of animals. 

Bee for Planet is a Carbon negative and Climate positive organization. Collaborating with us will give you access to these benefits.


We want to help businesses and organisations understand the importance of bees and other pollinators in our lives. By organising activities with them, placing hives inside or outside their premises, creating oases and pollinator hotels, greening rooftops and cities in general. Collecting data from the protected hives as well as pollinator houses, and directly calculating their impact on the company-organization in question and the surrounding area in general. This journey will ultimately make us change the world into a better place. If we succeed, planet Earth will thrive. When nature thrives, so do we.


Starting from Spetses in Greece and spreading the idea to the rest of the world, we want to turn Greece into a beekeeping and pollinators paradise.




Natalia Kedra, Co-founder and General Manager at Bee for Planet

Natalia is an executive with a long experience in Social Media Marketing, and strong Public Relations skills.

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