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ESG for companies with 
bee for planet

Corporate Beekeeping,virtual team experiences and corporate training programs are innovative ways for companies and non-profit organizations to demonstrate their commitment to environmental action, social justice and good governance (ESG). These programs include beehives and support for pollinator-friendly gardens on rooftops, on the grounds of office buildings or any area outside the company that needs immediate ecosystem resoration at larger scale.

"Bees must be protected for our own future. Countries need to shift to more pollinator-friendly and sustainable food policies and systems. We cannot continue to focus only on increasing productivity. We are responsible for protecting bees and we should make pollinator-friendly choices"

FAO Director-General 's message UN

Environmental, Social, and Governance 

ESG are increasingly important factors in today’s more progressive corporate business world. They are crucial in helping identify material risks to the business and opportunities for growth. 

Corporate Environmental Governance includes making sure the directors of your company can establish accountability within the company so that stakeholders are aware of the company’s commitments to sustainability. Companies that respond effectively to the challenges of ESG can gain a competitive advantage, exploit new market opportunities, boost their market share, and increase their shareholder value. 

Many businesses simply produce policies to satisfy a tender requirement and tick boxes but this would be wasting a great opportunity. We all hold a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. Reducing our impact and continually improving our environment should be an integral part of every business strategy and operating methods. 

How can bee for planet help support companies and their ESG? 

Environmental- Incorporating our services into your policies outlines your commitment to helping the environment and improving biodiversity in the surrounding area. 

Social- Bees and beekeeping contributes to 15 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which reflect on improving equal opportunities worldwide and promoting sustainability. To find out more about how our services support the SDGs, click here

Governance- Working with bee for planet will help maintain the principles of corporate governance including accountability in developing a more sustainable strategy and improving your company’s social responsibility. 

Bee for planet can help strengthen relationships between businesses and communities in local areas and provide educational opportunities for people to learn more about beekeeping and the importance of sustainability. 

Ethical and sustainable investing concept. Aim to have a positive impact on the world whil
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