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The Benefits to Hosting Beehives on your Commercial Property


At the center of most Corporate Pollinator Programs are beehives, as honeybees are the leading pollinator of flowering plants and are pollinator “generalists” meaning that they pollinate a wide variety of species versus many native pollinator species

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Bring joy to your employees, tenants and guests

  • The presence of honeybees helps your tenants to stay connected to the natural world; many say that watching bees has a calming effect on them, reducing their stress levels.

  • Many firms are finding that beehives and pollinator gardens are comforting and create a sense of welcome, making them an amenity that’s helping recruit new employees and encourage staff members to come back to the office.

Contribute to scientific research

At Bee for planet, you benefit from our data collection and research programs. We gather data during beekeeping visits on hive health, brood size, honey stores, and the presence of pests and pathogens for analysis by National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Turn the urban landscape from Grey to Green

  • At Bee for planet we’re finding that more and more of our clients share our vision of sustainable urban environments, where green, rather than gray, will be the dominant color of future cities.

  • Publicly promoting these new green spaces will enhance your ESG reputation and encourage other firms to follow suit. With so many companies amping up their sustainability programs, once gray commercial streets and empty rooftops will be green and full of life! Can you imagine that?


Engage Key Stakeholders in your sustainability efforts

Keeping bees on your property is an opportunity to creatively connect stakeholders to corporate sustainability programs. There are many novel ways to engage with the bees, beehives, honey and pollinator gardens such as: 

  • In-person hive tours with bee for planet beekeepers (also offered virtually!)

  • Contact with Nature Impact on Health and Well-Being

  • beehives branded in corporate colors or to match the unique architecture of the building

  • Social media and content support so you can spread the word of your pollinator program

Honeybees, are a highly visible, beloved symbol of nature. Beekeeping, for a modest investment compared to other sustainability efforts, can become a tangible and interactive piece of much larger, complex sustainability programs.

While corporate sustainability may work on many levels, from energy conservation to the use of organic, recyclable materials, most sustainability efforts are not visible or interactive for stakeholders.

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