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Corporate Beekeeping Program Offerings

Our basic corporate program includes hive installation, monthly hive management by our beekeepers, monthly reports on your hives’ health, and jarred honey harvested from your hives. (If your organization supports veganism, honey will not be harvested).



What We offer

  • Our team will evaluate your site and identify the optimal, safe placement for hives.

  • Hand-crafted, all-natural equipment will be installed onsite, and colonies of docile honeybees will be introduced into each hive.

  • We offer consultation on best plants for pollinators in ground-level landscaping and roof-top gardens.

  • Our beekeepers will visit your hives for monthly maintenance visits with advanced scheduling so you can alert your team.

  • You’ll receive reports on the health of your hives after each beekeeper visit.

  • Our full-time customer service team will be available to you by phone or email.

  • We’ll harvest, process and bottle surplus honey for you (If your organization supports veganism, honey will not be harvested).

  • Replacement colonies, if needed, will be provided at no cost.

  • With our professional beekeepers handling all aspects of hive installation and maintenance, all you must do is promote your beekeeping program to stakeholders to get maximum return on your investment. Our client service staff can share with you how other clients in your industry have used beekeeping to promote their ESG efforts, and ways they’ve successfully engaged stakeholders.

We rebuild bees population, be a part of it

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