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The Benefits of Adopting Beehives on our Land Property

Adopting a hive with us will immediately have a positive impact on the environment. A new hive of bees will be created, this will in turn increase pollination and therefore have o positive impact on the food supply chain.

- Your organisation will be playing a key part in helping reverse the bee decline which studies show has been as much as 30% in recent years.

- Adopting a Beehive will definitely show your organisation up in a positive light. It helps demonstrate how committed you are to helping the environment.

- Having photos and videos of your hives is great for marketing and PR, customers will value your actions.

- Offer local communities jobs. By adopting hives you also adopt beekeepers.  

- Offer the honey collected to spread the story telling of your actions. (For Organizations that support veganism honey will not be harvested).

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