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Corporate Training Programms 

Great companies are built by great teams. But, teamwork isn’t just critical for an organization’s overall success. Studies have shown that effective teamwork leads to employees experiencing lesser burnout, showing tremendous individual growth, and being happier at work

And what better way to learn what goes into building high-performance teams than from some of the best teams?

All we have to do is observe a beehive for a few minutes for us to understand where the term “busy as a bee” comes from. The interesting part of a beehive is that what can look like disorganized activity to an outside observer, is actually highly synchronized “hive mind” activity, with the bees working diligently as a team. From foraging to hive repair to protecting the queen bee, the worker bees go about their business with focus unlike anything that we see in the human world.

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The Programm creates experiences that allow employees to uniquely engage with bees, agriculture, each other, and their workplace.

Participants dive into a hands-on, immersive experience where they are guided through the hives and see, first hand, the behaviors of the bees as individuals and as part of the colony. Through facilitated small group exercises and discussions, participants juxtapose themselves and their organizations to the activities of the hive. These activities create learnings about communication, trust, and other critical workplace components that can be immediately applied to make their personal role and teams more efficient, effective, and rewarding.

We rebuild bees population, be a part of it

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