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Before a leader can successfully engage in the hard work of leading others, they must fundamentally know themselves and what they stand for-their values, their guiding commitments, and their promise to those they lead. In this one-day session leaders are given the opportunity to enhance their self-awareness, further define their leadership identity, and deepen their capacity to lead oneself (a precursor to leading others)

What's a beekeeper got to do with this?

A good beekeeper is first and foremost an enabler of the natural capacity of their bees to do their good work. Grounded in that fundamental philosophy, each beekeeper has a unique promise they make to the hive- how they will interact and behave in a way that is aligned with their personal values and true to the hive's purpose.


Who should attend:

Emerging and First level leaders, Team Leaders, Middle Managers


Duration: 1 day Class | size: 15 Participants


  As a result of this session, participants will

- Understand the importance of taking steps to forge a leadership identity.

- Clarify and articulate personal values

- Specify behavioral examples of those values in action

- Check for values alignment, identify values gaps and actions to close those gaps

- Translate values into commitments of leadership

- Create commit to an individual Leader's promise




The hands-on, fast pace session includes:

Immersion into the world of bees and their keeper.

- An interactive hive tour guided by our expert keepers.

- Facilitated conversations to extract leadership lessons from the beekeeper and the hive


A step-by-step process to build one's leadership identity

- Context-setting discussion on the importance of effective leadership in a VUCA + world

- Value-clarifying exercise to discern personal values

- Individual reflection and peer coaching to identify examples of values in actions, to define           leadership commitments, and to check for value alignment 

- Guided activity to craft and share one's leader's promise

- Action planning to develop promise into philosophy

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