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Corporate Hive beekeeping outdoors (adoption)

Bees support 170.000 species of plants that sustain 200.000 animal species, they safeguard biodiversity and ensure continuity of the life of the plants therefore ours. But who ensures the life of the bees? With their meticulous work, they pollinate millions of wild flowers, thus ensuring the continuity of generic variability and the survival of plants, and therefore life on earth. Unfortunately, the continuous poisoning of the environment, combined with the several depletion of wild plant species due to weeding, is leading to a drastic decrease in the number of bees worldwide.

We are creating a Bees Oasis in Spetses Island Greece and we are planning to expand it. Our mission is continuous repopulation and protection of bee colonies. Through our Corporate Hive Beekeeping outdoors Service, you can contribute to our work and help us preserve our ecosystem. 

By adopting bee hives you are offering a house to them and a very good seasonal help.

The Corporate Hive beekeeping outdoors service per season includes:

- Hives are painting with your logo

- Weekly Hive management by our beekeepers

- Monthly Reports on your adopted hive's health

- Year-round employee engagement

- Private Label jarred honey harvested from your hives 

(If your organization supports veganism honey will not be harvested from the hives)

- Honey DNA analysis (For Climate Change's research purposes)

- Annual reporting of the impact achieved to be included in your ESG report

At every visit, we collect data and share it with our research partners to advance the science of beekeeping and improve the health of pollinators worldwide.

We create experiences that allow employees to uniquely engage with bees, agriculture, each other, and their workplace.

Through carefully cultivated experiences like hive tours to Spetses, honey tasting, beekeeping classes and more. Participants learn the workings of the hive and challenge themselves to incorporate its lessons into their personal and professional lives. At the same time, they come to understand the environmental and economic impact of pollinators and how they and their organization together are part of the solution.



Schedule a call with one of our experts.


We'll guide you through our services and help you determine a beekeeping package that fits your needs and the specifics of your organization.


Once the plan is in place, we will schedule the installation of the beehives and the season will begin. 

We rebuild bees population, be a part of it

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