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Equal parts fun and focus, is a half day team alignment experience designed to be a launching point for teams to improve their performance, strengthen their relationships, enhance a sense of community within their own "hive", and heighten team morale. The Sweet Team Building Experience session spurs engagement and team perspective through the world of honeybees- one of nature's oldest and best examples of a high-performing team. As an added bonus, everyone gains fascinating insights into our dear friend, the honeybee.

This half day course can be expanded to a full day opportunity for teams interested in a more in-depth experience customized to their needs and objectives.

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Who Should attend:


Ideal for Intact teams, Emerging and First-Level Leaders, Team Leaders, Middle Managers


Duration: 1/2 Day  

Class Size : 15 Participants



As a result of this session, participants will:

- Gain a better understanding what it means to be a high-performing team

- Identify and Commit, individually and as a team, to specific actions to enhance team performance

- Strengthen relationships within the team through a shared experience that engages and provokes dialog

- Enhance the sense of team- the "hive" community- while gaining  a common hive language for the team's ongoing use




This hands-on, fast-paced session includes:

- An entertaining and informative introduction to beekeeping

- An interactive hive tour guided by our expert Beekeeper

- Facilitated conversations that provide the team an opportunity to enhance their team performance


This conversation will provide the team the opportunity to:

- Reflect on what they've learn about teamwork in the hive and apply those learnings to their team

- Identify Sweet Team Building Experience Program strengths

- Recognize Sweet Team Building Experience Program areas of opportunity for the team

- Plan and Share commitments to next steps for team alignment.

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