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Shape high performance teams

What are the characteristics of a high-performing team? How can you build one? This two day program answers these crucial questions for leaders of teams. The program is built on a research- based framework of team best practices. The session provides  practical tools and tacts for leading teams, practice conditions for experimenting and learning, and time to reflect on how to enhance one's impact as a team leader--all the while drawing on the lessons of honeybees. 


What can bees teach us about high-performing teams?

A single honeybee colony can include tens of thousands of bees. To the untrained eye, an open hive looks like complete chaos. Look closer and you will discover the secrets of one of nature's best examples of a high-performing team. There lies within the hive an intricate organizational structure, one with observable teams, patterns, designated jobs role, efficiencies, and incredible productivity. Building and leading a successful team is in many ways like running a successful hive, because there is indeed a beautiful order to be found in what initially might look like chaos.

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Who should attend:

Emerging and First level Leaders, Team Leaders, Middle Managers 


Duration: 2 Days 

Class Size : 15 Participants


As a result of this session, participants will:

- Identify the essential characteristics of high- performing teams 

- Recognize the best- practice team bee-haviors for leaders as well as team members

- Build a toolkit of practical tools, tactics, and techniques for cultivating effective teams

- Translate lessons learned into specific real-world actions for growing high-performing teams and for continuing to develop as an effective team leader and team member.



This hands-on, fast-paced session includes:


Immersion into the world of the beehive

- An interactive hive tour guided by our expert keepers

- Facilitaded conversations to extract leadership lessons from the beekeeper and the hive


A step-by-step process to build one's skill as a leader of teams

- Focus and development of knowledge and ability to lead in a VUCA+world

- Individual reflection and peer coaching to prompt insights and share perspectives around building, leading, and being member of a high-performing team 

- Action planning to take program learning out into the world or work and life

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