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All inclusive Honey tasting kit that ships nationwide 

Live instruction by an expert beekeeper.

Zoom- Class Description


The sweetest afternoon for your employees they ever had. This experience will delight your taste buds, challenge your schnoz, work your noggin, fill your belly, and- most important- bring your team unexpected joy! We will ship each participant their own honey tasting kit, and the bee for planet team will lead the attendees through a facilitated tasting session explaining the tasting power of the human palette, the tasting profiles of honey, the honey- making process and so much more.

Kit includes 

- 250gr Melefsis Honey Heather 

- 250gr Melefsis Honey Orange

- 250gr Melefsis Honey Pine

- 250gr Melefsis Honey Flower

- 250gr Melefsis Honey Chestnut

- 250gr Melefsis Honey Red Fir

- 250gr Melefsis Honey Oak

- 250gr Melefsis Honey Thyme 

- Beeswax-Olive oil Ointment

- Lip Balm


Additional Information + Details

- 10 participants minimum

- 90 minutes

- Kit + Shipping included

- Delivered in Greece only

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